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The articles are divided into 5 sections to allow you to find what you're looking for easily:


A new Job Offers page is created as and when jobs come in and you receive an automatic email. You can also go back and consult the archives.


In this section we publish a range of articles on themes which could be of interest to our members as well as notes from the Language Network seminars.

News & Events

Here we inform you about various events which could be of interest to language trainers and coaches (networking events, informal gatherings, publishers' events, TESOL workshops etc.)


Here we publish articles about technology which are relevant to trainers or in response to requests from members. 

Teacher Training

In this section, we publish articles about teacher training seminars and workshops that we are organising ourselves or that we recommend.


We warmly invite contributions from members who would like to submit articles based on their ideas and experiences.  Members can also post comments on nearly all of the articles.


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