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Until the creation of The Language Network association in 2001, there was no single organisation which English trainers could contact to obtain clear, up-to-date information about the profession of English language trainer / coach in France (excluding teachers working in the Education Nationale).

There was no centralised source of English trainer job offers and there were few further training opportunities for trainers.

Independent trainers tended to feel out on a limb and some found it hard to survive on their own.

Also, some members of the English training community ran into practical difficulties and needed advice about where to go for help in France.

So we decided to create The Language Network association to address these needs.



Information about our profession

Our first priority is to provide clear information to our members about all the practical issues related to the profession of English language trainer or coach. The Language Network team studies employment opportunities, French employment law, specific rules governing the training sector (convention collective), rates of pay being practised and general trends. This information is gleaned through our contacts with the schools using our recruitment service, through consultants specialised in the language training sector and through our members themselves.

The Language Network, which was founded by a group of self-employed English trainers, is also especially committed to helping self-employed language trainers. We provide specific advice about working as an independent in France and about dealing with the administrative aspects of training funded by OPCAs etc.

Our annual Independents' Forum meeting held in June is the opportunity to discuss the burning issues concerning self-employed trainers.

This year, we are putting special emphasis on helping independent trainers prepare for the new quality certification requirements which will come into force as of 2017.

Our members can contact us by email or by phone at any time of the year if they require assistance with any job-related issue.


Job & mission offers

We collect English training job or mission offers from a range of sources: language schools, higher education establishments, companies and even from individuals, which we publish on the Jobs page of this blog.

Some of our members also bring us contracts that they can't do themselves and this work is offered to other members.

A lot of the corporate missions offered are our own clients. We brought in over 3,000 hours of well-paid missions for our members in 2015 and we hope this will go on increasing.


Networking opportunities

The Language Network provides opportunities for its members to meet and network, both physically and digitally.

We organise at least 4 physical networking events throughout the year:

- an informal networking drink in the Spring and Autumn

- a Christmas party

- the Independents' Forum meeting & lunch in June


A structure to carry your language-related projects

Our sister association, The Language Network Services (TLNS), was created to allow trainers who didn't wish to create their own company to carry out independent work with their own contracts while retaining a salaried status.

We also use this structure to carry collective language projects such as large training contracts with several trainers or other types of language-related project.

Having extensive experience in the area of language project management, our team can help you implement your project while leaving you in control (if you wish to be). The clients you bring in remain YOUR clients.


Professional development

We study the on-going professional development needs of our members and we organise training courses to help our members acquire new skills or specialise in specific areas.

We negotiate with internationally-renowned trainers and training companies to be able to offer our members the most practical formulas at the lowest prices.

We also organise our own workshops as well as Skype meetings on specific topics.

We can help our self-employed members obtain FIF-PL funding to finance training.



We are committed to promoting our members to the outside world - and particularly to potential clients - through various means.

Our websites: www.thelanguagenetwork.fr (new version coming soon!) and www.performancelanguagecoaching.com are a means of promoting the services of our trainer and coach members.

We are members of various professional networks which give us access to business networking events. Our management team is very active as regards business networking and we have won a number of substantial contracts for our members through this type of promotion.



The Language Network association is a French non-profit structure (association 1901) and is run and managed exclusively by volunteers.

The 'bureau' (executive committee) is composed of 4 benevolent administrators: a President, a Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary and a Treasurer.

The current President is Mark Bayhurst. The positions of Vice-President and Honorary Secretary are currently open.

Claire Oldmeadow is volunteer manager.

Our members are free to contribute to the association's activities, by writing articles for the TLN blog, sharing useful information and leading workshops or special interest groups.


Funding & costs

The Language Network’s only source of funding is membership fees. This is why it is so important to remember to renew your membership annually.

The membership fees are spent on the following:

  • development, hosting and maintenance for the TLN website and blog
  • research costs (acquisition of publications etc.)
  • minimal accountancy fees
  • office supplies, postage
  • paying an occasional stagiaire to help with admin or to organise events
  • rental of rooms for meetings and workshops
  • the annual Christmas cocktail
  • talks by external consultants
  • marketing of the network and its members


Our sister association – THE LANGUAGE NETWORK SERVICES

In response to the needs of our members, in 2003 we created a sister association to enable us to offer what we used to call ‘portage salarial’ services* to our members as well as a range of other services. In fact, although we borrowed heavily from the ‘portage’ concept – providing a legal framework which allows people to work autonomously while keeping their ‘salaried status – right from the beginning, we adapted the concept to the needs of our members. For example, we realised that real ‘portage’ employment contracts were disadvantageous both for the employees and for us as the employer. It also became clear that some of our members using this service needed more administrative and even commercial support than is usual in the classic ‘portage’ system.

The Language Network Services currently employs around 20-25 language trainers. These trainers are given full back up by our administrative services which means that they are free to get on with their main job, ie training. The TLNS admin team assists them with pre-course proposals and ‘programmes de formation’ as required by all the OPCAs, conventions and invoicing. In a nutshell, we deal with all the administrative hassle.

Some of the trainers employed by TLNS are working as project managers for contracts they have brought in themselves. Others are working on the increasing number of contracts brought in by the TLNS team.

Whereas most real ‘portage’ companies suffered hugely with the creation of the ‘auto-entrepreneur’ status, we are pleased to say that The Language Network Services is still thriving. Not everyone wants to be self-employed and TLNS allows you to be autonomous while benefiting from the salaried workers' safety net.

TLNS is also subcontracting work to a dozen or so independent trainers.



Membership of The Language Network is open to anyone already working or envisaging working as an English trainer (formateur) in France. However, please note that our services are geared to trainers teaching adults and working at least partly in the ‘formation continue’ sector.

Membership is also open to selected partners (training organisations, publishers etc.) wishing to network with our members.

Choose between 3 types of membership:


Choose between 4 types of membership:

  • STANDARD Trainer

         €35 / year

Gives you:

-          Free access to the TLN blog (job offers, articles, news etc.)

-          a regular email newsletter

-          the possibility of putting questions to the TLN team by email only

-          Access to The Language Network France private discussion group on Linkedin

-          Access to all TLN-hosted webinars

-          Possibility of using The Language Network Services structure for invoicing language-related projects (individual or collective)

-          Priority access to professional training courses organised by TLN

  • STANDARD + Trainer

       €75 / year

Gives you all of the above +

-          free access to the Independents’ Forum, 2 informal meet-ups and Special Interest Group meetings (i.e. The TLN Coaching Group)

-          the possibility of contacting the TLN team by phone (by appointment only) for on-going support throughout the year


       €150 / year

By invitation from TLN only after 1 year of STANDARD+ Trainer membership

Gives you all of the above +

-          free access to the TLN Christmas Party

-          first refusal of Training & Coaching contracts sourced by TLN

-          use of the Performance Language Coaching (PLC)* marketing tools if qualified

-          use of TLN’s Click Meeting webinar platform

* Performance Language Coaching is TLN’s own coaching brand

  • SUPPORTER        

       €50 / year

Designed for language organisations and other partners

Gives you:

-          access to the TLN blog

-          a regular newsletter

-          free access to all the main TLN events (Independents’ Forum, 2 informal meet-ups, webinars)

-          help with your recruitment issues

For the higher levels of membership, we will be allowing staggered payments.

Your membership is valid for 12 months starting from the month in which you join or renew.



Tel: 01 43 08 35 19
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.thelanguagenetwork.fr

Facebook: The Language Network Paris

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